EZMERP is a product offered by Kairos Insurance Group to help reduce premium costs.  The plan operates similarly to a fully-insured plan.

Everyone is struggling with high health insurance premiums.  One way to reduce premiums is to increase deductibles, copays, and coinsurance.
  • Share the deductible with employees.  Reduce health insurance premiums with a high deductible health plan where the employer can pay part of the deductible for the employee.
  • A MERP allows an employer to pay health benefits to an employee, and those benefits enjoy the same tax benefits as a regular health insurance plan (they are fully deductible to the employer and not taxed to the employee).

The EZMERP plan offered by Kairos Insurance Group is extremely competitive right now.  Call Summer Westerbur at 719-637-2500 for more information about how EZMERP can save you money.

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