Group Health Insurance
Shopping for either a new plan of employee coverage, or shopping for alternative plans to the one you have currently is far from complex. Since its inception, Kairos Insurance Group has specialized in obtaining coverage for Colorado businesses. We are able to provide you with the best rates available.  We offer a wide selection of fully-insured plans, EZMERP plans, and self-insured plans.  We work with you to help you create the best benefit package for your employees for the least amount of money.

What are the advantages to providing employee benefits?

  • Attract high quality employees
  • Better retain quality employees, which reduces cost associated with hiring and training
  • Project a positive image of your company as one which cares for its employees
  • Be eligible for potential tax credit through ACA
  • Reduce employee absences due to illness

Our Philosophy:

Kairos Insurance Group is committed to always doing what is in the best interest for our clients.  We provide accurate information and assist our clients in making informed decisions.

Our Goals:

Provide our clients with the richest benefits at the lowest cost
Offer administrative support
Help motivate employees to participate in wellness programs

Our Partnership with You:

To build long-term strategies to control your health care costs
Provide wellness programs to engage employees and reduce healthcare spending
Provide benefit solutions that match your company’s needs
Communicate benefits to your employees

If you are interested in seeing if Kairos Insurance Group can save you money on your employee benefits package, please complete the following form or call Summer Westerbur at 719-637-2500.

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